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Flutes or piccolos could harm your hearing
Autor: Steven A Wicks
"Most of us naturally think of our flutes and piccolos as the instruments of beauty and artistic expression. And, because they allow us to make such beautiful music we might have difficulty thinking them capable of harming us in any way, perhaps not even our hearing. In fact, they are doing just that to many of us. The cause is the loudness of the sounds they produce. What you are about to learn could be somewhat disconcerting. Since the damage is permanent, it might even take some reflection to understand fully the implications for your current goals and routines. In any case, with the evidence about to be presented, we should no longer ignore the fact that the loudness of our instruments makes them potentially damaging to our ears. Do not let the beauty of your instrument's tone mislead you or cause you to make choices you may regret later in life ... "


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